Courtesy of the Thirty Meter Telescope Some of the environmental claims raised on social media, like rumors about the TMT being fueled by nuclear power, are false. Protests are still ongoing as construction begins on the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii. The Board of the Thirty Meter Telescope selected Maunakea in July 2009 after a rigorous five-year campaign spanning the entire globe that measured virtually every atmospheric feature that might affect the performance of the telescope. At face value, these protests may seem like a clash between science and religion. During the 8- to 10-year construction timeline, TMT will create about 300 local and specialized construction jobs. Vigils are once again being held to protest the construction of the world’s largest ground-based telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea, a place of great cultural and cosmological significance to many kanaka ‘ōiwi (native Hawaiians). Thirty Meter Telescope will supply much needed employment opportunities and possibilities for businesses to assist TMT’s development, operations and maintenance. Once the telescope is completed, TMT will expend about $50 million annually in observatory operations and … The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is being built by an international group of countries and institutions, like a lot of Super Telescopes are. The Thirty Meter Telescope is being designed and developed by the TMT International Observatory LLC (TIO). In 2015, Forbes explored the controversy.