The legal system of Singapore is based on the English common law system. A discretionary living trust must be made expressly and in adherence to the formality requirements under section 7 of the Civil Law Act whereby the trust must be manifested in writing. The firm: Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC is a Singapore law firm.
Singapore Litigation, Arbitration and Corporate Law Firm +65 6808-6147. For example, many expats and high net worth individuals set up trust funds as investment portals managed by … In Singapore, Trust law is governed by the Trustees Act (Cap 337). Other than the formality requirements, for the discretionary trust to be validly constituted, the “three certainties” consisting of: Some of these Singapore trusts include express trust and resulting trusts in addition to the Singapore business trust. Trust law is therefore variable from state to state, though many states have adopted the Uniform Trust Code, and broad similarities exist among states' common law of trust as well.

Incorporating the previous practice of Joyce A. Tan & Partners which was founded in 1998, the firm is an award-winning business-centric commercial law practice with particular strengths in intellectual property, technology, telecommunications, media and privacy and a strong international outlook. TrustLaw ™ TrustLaw is the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono legal programme. These similarities are summarized in the Restatements of the Law , such as the Restatement of Trusts, Third (2003−08).
Singapore trust law is relatively progressive, allowing for the formation of various types of Singapore offshore trusts and domestic trusts using Singapore offshore trust services. We connect high-impact NGOs and social enterprises working to create social and environmental change with the best law firms and corporate legal teams to provide them with free legal assistance. Farallon Law Corporation is located in Singapore and provides legal services to a wide range of clients, including individuals, startups, SMEs, local and multinational corporations, and financial institutions.