undemanding definition: 1. not needing a lot of time, energy, or attention: 2. not needing a lot of time, energy, or…. undemanding (ˌʌndɪˈmɑːndɪŋ) adj not requiring great patience, skill, attention, etc: an undemanding book. easygoing: See: facile , lenient , malleable , nonchalant , patient , peaceable , placid , pliable , sequacious , suasible , tractable , yielding Undemanding Meaning in Malayalam : Find the definition of Undemanding in Malayalam, OneIndia Malayalam Dictionary offers the meaning of Undemanding in Malayalam with synonyms, antonyms, adjective and more related words in Malayalam. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Adj. ukungahleleki Find more words! Learn more. எழுத்து.காம் Synonyms for undemanding include cushy, easy, light, simple, straightforward, unchallenging, effortless, uncomplicated, painless and facile. Examples of undemanding in a Sentence Emeasoba George : A call to truly love all and to support or sponsor a good cause is just a walk-through i.e. it is an undemanding task or role. Zulu Translation. Undemanding definition: If you describe something such as a job as undemanding , you mean that it does not... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples See more. Undemanding definition, requiring or claiming more than is generally felt by others to be due: a demanding teacher. தமிழ்(Tamil) - தமிழ் அகராதி. Tamil Dictionary Online. How to say undemanding in Zulu.