Instead, they are pairing up promotion on with beta access. Valorant beta has no access keys and exclusively uses Twitch Drops. So a viewer's best bet to receive a drop is to keep … No.

Beta keys which were being dropped on Twitch rivals has seen an innumerous number of gamers trying to access the beta version.

I think it is random, I left a stream open for about 3-4 days then got a key, a friend of mine … Joined: Oct 16, 2011 8 Year Member. Winter 2017; Status: Offline. Reputation Power: 73 .

Every Valorant streamer with drops enabled will give you the same chance at a key drop. Riot Games will not handle Valorant's beta access through disseminating keys. The default drop rate is at 1/10 every 30 mins of watch time on Twitch. So it doesn’t matter if you watch Summit for example or a small streamer with 100 viewers.
Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:45 pm. Riot Games has announced that fans can no longer get access to the Valorant beta by watching streams on Twitch and hoping to get a key drop. However, @ValorantPRO has this interesting tweet: There's already plenty of hype about the game's release date, but it's still mostly speculation beyond an official statement saying a "summer 2020" launch. However, there’s still more to know–the beta is limited to certain regions, drop rates are weighted based on how long you watch, with diminishing returns, and drops are not guaranteed. Thanks for the comment, appreciate it 0 useful; 0 not useful #4. To the extent of people farming off their beta access through multiple accounts, and also selling them at a rate of 100-1000 dollars on eBay. What are my chanches of getting a drop?

Valorant Release Date and Beta Keys. SR20DET.

Chances to get a key are random and very slim, with viewers having to watch Valorant on Twitch for at least two hours to be entered into the lottery pool. You should probably get one eventually, I know they increase the drop rate once already. The most important thing to know is you’ll need to log at least 2 hours of Valorant streams with your Riot account linked to Twitch in order to become eligible for a Valorant beta key. The game will have a server tick rate of 128.
Therefore, social media accounts and websites promising … Watching for more hours does increase the chance of a drop, but with diminishing returns, so someone who has watched for ten hours will not have five times the chance of someone who has watched two hours. Posts: 1,209. Community managers and PR employees of Riot Games cannot grant you beta access unless you are press or a content creator.