Accompanying the article are photos from the Venera-13 lander, one blown up to a rather ridiculous extent, with a blob circled, labeled "Scorpion."

Venus is symbolic of love, sensuality, relationships, finance, money, income, beauty and the value we place on objects.

The 79 year-old claimed the pictures, taken by the probe Venus-13 in 1982, show a giant scorpion-styled insect that he claimed proved to life on the scorching second-closest planet to … In the article, he calls attention to several objects photographed by the Venera-13 landing probe, a spacecraft that landed on Venus in 1982. Venera 13 launched on Oct. 30, 1981, aboard a Proton rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (located in today's Kazakhstan). Ksanfomaliti believes that in the images, a scorpion-shaped creature, a disk and a ‘black flap’ are visible moving in front of the onboard camera of the Venera 13. 9. sep. 2016 - Se opslagstavlen “Venus Venera (USSR)“, der følges af 183 personer på Pinterest og tilhører lordolsen. L. Ksanfomaliti, Solar System Research A 'scorpion' on Venus, according to Leonid Ksanfomaliti Russian scientist Ksanfomality has been analyzing recorded images with better new software from the Venera-13 Venus landing probe. With parachutes and aitbraking, it reaches the planet's surface and continues to send data for 127 minutes.

The one image shows the front camera lens cap and the other shows the rear camera lens cap, not one lens cap that moved," said Ted Stryk, a photo editor who reprocesses and enhances many NASA and Soviet space program images. Se flere idéer til Videnskab, Viden og Undervisning. Some people appreciate this while others find it a bit disconcerting.

The probe VENERA-13 (March 1, 1982) landing site coordinates were 7.5°S, 303.5°E, and its height above the level of radius 6051 km was 1.9 km [10]. The temperature was 735 K (462°C) and the pressure was 8.87 MPa, which corresponds to the atmospheric density 59.5 …

According to reports from a Russian news agency, Ksanfomaliti explained in an article for the Russian journal Solar System Research magazine: It was the first recording of sound son another planet Venera 13 on-board experiments The Venera 13 mission consisted of a cruise stage and lander. The spacecraft carried … A Russian scientist named Leonid Ksanfomalti has analyzed the photos. The objects — including features described as a disc and a scorpion — appear to change locations from one photo to the next. Venera 13 and 14 were identical Russian space probes built to take advantage of the 1981 Venus launch opportunity. Meanwhile, photos from the Venera 14 probe show a lens cap in roughly the same position relative to the spacecraft as the object near Venera 13 that Ksanfomaliti claims is a living creature.