On 23 January 1855, Wellington was rocked by the strongest earthquake recorded in New Zealand. What is less known is that much of downtown Wellington only rose up from the seabed in 1855 following New Zealand’s biggest earthquake in modern times. Sub-marine landslides in one of the largest underwater canyons in the world were the cause of the tsunami that struck the lower North Island in the 1855 Wairarapa earthquake. Though the 1855 earthquake was the most dramatic earthquake ever recorded in Wellington, many larger (and smaller) quakes have had a role in shaping our geography, our building practices, the lay-out of our city, and our social history. Wairarapa and Wellington earthquakes: past, present, and future Martin Reyners GNS 1200 20 Lunch 1220 60 Earthquake hazards [Specific hazards, now and in the future] Strong ground shaking in the 1855 Wairarapa earthquake David Dowrick GNS 1320 20 Landslides and liquefaction effects caused by the 1855 Wairarapa earthquake: then and now Graham Hancox GNS 1340 20 Tsunami: curiosity or … The earthquake caused widespread damage in Wellington.

This 1860 photograph looks south along Wellington’s Lambton Quay, with the uplifted 1855 beach. Share this item Post to Pinterest Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. The quake was at a depth of 25kms below Cook Strait, 40kms southwest of Wellington.
There have been quite a few rattles and shakes over the past few months, reminding us of the city’s volatile setting beside the Cook Strait faults. On 23 Jan 1855 a magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck here, killing between 5-9 people in the Wairarapa and Wellington. Using this item. Related maps. The quake was at a depth of 25kms below Cook Strait, 40kms southwest of Wellington. On 23 January 1855, Wellington was struck by a earthquake at 9.11 pm, estimated to be 8 on the Richter scale.

Wairarapa earthquake, 1855; New Zealand disasters map; Site Quicklinks Culture & Society. The jetties have been built further out to sea so that ships could be unloaded. 1855: Earthquake alters Wellington landscape. Wellington shoreline after the 1855 earthquake Next. Painting of landslip caused by 1855 earthquake near Wellington (Alexander Turnbull Library, B-103-016) Land raised from the harbour – along with additional reclamations – formed much of modern Wellington’s central business district. Wairarapa earthquake, 1855. The 8.2 magnitude quake was centred 25 kilometres from the city - it was felt as far away as Canterbury in the South Island. Earthquakes are a hot topic in Wellington these days. Read more.