c inf etwas ist los/es ist nichts los (=geschieht) there's something/nothing going on or happening (=nicht in/in Ordnung) there's something/nothing wrong or the matter, something's/nothing's up mit jdm/etw ist etwas/nichts los there's something/nothing wrong or the matter with sb/sth mit jdm/etw ist nichts (mehr) los inf sb/sth isn't up to much (any more), sb/sth is a dead loss (now) inf Los Angeles definition: a city in SW California , on the Pacific : the second largest city in the US, having... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Top LOS abbreviation related to Mortgage: Loan Origination System Commonly used in RTS games, LOS stands for Line of Sight, or how far something can see or weather it can spot something from where it stands. new search; suggest new definition; Search for LOS in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia Los primo, however, does not make sense. Definition - What does Line of Sight (LoS) mean? FM radio, microwave and satellite transmission are examples of line-of-sight communication. Note: We have 162 other definitions for LOS in our Acronym Attic. What does LOS mean? Meaning of LOS. If a hospital’s actual LOS is the same as their expected LOS, the LOS Index is 1. LOS Index is the ratio of actual to expected LOS. As the Information and translations of LOS in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Mortgage LOS abbreviation meaning defined here. los means "the" in spanish. If the hospital’s actual LOS is longer than expected, the LOS index is more than 1 (example 1.2). showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 49 definitions). Das Los – Los as a noun. What does LOS stand for in Mortgage? • LOS ANGELES (noun) The noun LOS ANGELES has 1 sense:. It is used for multiple masculine nouns, such as "los carros" or "los primos" means "the cars" and "the cousins". Dictionary entry overview: What does Los Angeles mean? 1. a city in southern California; motion picture capital of the world; most populous city of California and second largest in the United States Familiarity information: LOS ANGELES used as a noun is very rare. Das Los can also mean ‘destiny’, ‘fate’ or ‘luck’ (which ties in with the raffle ticket thing, I guess). Das Los (capitalised, as it’s a noun) is a raffle/lottery ticket! Like many languages Spanish words have gender Angels (ángeles) is masculine, Meadows (vegas) is feminine. Definition of LOS in the Definitions.net dictionary. You might hear people ask for a Los in a newsagent’s or at a fairground. Line of sight (LoS) is a type of propagation that can transmit and receive data only where transmit and receive stations are in view of each other without any sort of an obstacle between them. Meaning; LOS: Length of Stay: LOS: Letter of Support (various organizations) LOS: Loan Origination System: LOS: Loan Origination Software (various organizations) LOS: Lease Operating Statement (various companies) LOS: Loan Operating System: LOS: Lines of Sponsorship (MLM) Conversely if you’re doing better than expected you might have a LOS Index of 0.98.