As simple as that. Well, what is it? Smallholder farmers depend on rain-fed agriculture in most of sub-Saharan Africa. What is seasonal rainfall? communication of seasonal rainfall forecasts to smallholder farmers, taking Kenya as its example.

Unlike rainfall no aggregation at given time spans is required, since vegetation itself already integrates the effect of previous rainfall. Seasonal Rainfall: Amount of Rainfall in each season. Annual rainfall and seasonal rainfall extending over a period of 81 years (1934-2014) recorded at Sharjah International Airport have been analyzed. Weather Menu. Seasonal Rainfall. See how much precipitation you've received since spring, summer, fall or winter began.
Anomalies are defined in the same way as for rainfall - as the ratio between NDVI for the current year and the average at each time step expressed in percentage terms. :D It's meaning is exactly as it sounds. The Indian rainfall has often been used as a proxy data for the Asian monsoon as a whole for understanding the energy budget of the major circulation features and also used as an input parameter in estimating the other regional parameters. Over time, they have adjusted their planting patterns and farming calendar to the onset, duration and end of the rainy seasons.