Dear Friends, As I’m sure you already know, a deadly earthquake struck central Nepal earlier this week.

So far, 285 members of the team have been sent to Nepal, along with three army field hospitals and civilian doctors. 2018 Indonesia Earthquake UNICEF responds to emergencies around the globe and has provided critical aid to victims of recent earthquakes in Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador and Nepal. Introduction.

... “For those we are working to help, ... Other approaches taken by the Nepal Red Cross to maintain a dialogue with people affected by the earthquake include a telephone hotline and a network of feedback boxes in the areas where the Red Cross operates. It was the worst to strike the region in more than 80 years. For two decades, Government of Nepal has made efforts to develop and maintain mental health professionals in all areas; however, much has to be done. The impact of the quake is far reaching and devastating – current reports indicate that there are thousands of victims with many more injured throughout Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Tibet. In such environments, aid organizations try to fill in the gaps to help those living in poverty gain basic rights such as healthcare, housing and education.

Thousands more were displaced. Oxfam today stepped up its relief effort to help an initial 350,000 people hit by the earthquake in Nepal, providing clean water, toilets and shelter to thousands of people.

Her district in Nepal, Sindhupalchok, was hit hard by the massive April 25, 2015 earthquake: a 7.8 magnitude quake that struck just northwest of the capital of Kathmandu. The organization states: Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal last April, more than 7,500 people died. … Mercy Corps was working in Nepal long before the earthquake. Nepal, well known for its rich cultural heritage and extreme tourism, is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal killed over 8000 people, injured more than 21,000 and displaced a further 2 million.
Tuesday's 7.3 ''aftershock'' in Nepal has raised the death toll in the series of quakes that began on April 25 in the Himalayan nation. The survey involved 513 general community members (171 participants from each district) who were 16 years-old and older and measured the following symptom domains: (1) depression4, Here are a … One year later, in May 2016, a national workshop was organized that aimed to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and collate insights that could be used to inform response to and recovery from future disasters.

In 2018, there were 281 climate-related and geophysical events recorded, with 10,733 deaths and more than 60 million people affected, worldwide. The damage done by the quake put a strain on the country's citizens that has lasted many years.

More than eight million people were affected by the earthquake - roughly a quarter of the country's population - the United Nations said. Dozens of humanitarian and aid organizations have members on the ground in Nepal and have launched online pages to help raise funds for victims of the earthquake.
This is a true tragedy and the rescue […] Nepal earthquake: the importance of dialogue with affected communities.

Global Giving: “ All donations to this fund will support disaster recovery and relief efforts in response to the region of Nepal impacted by this earthquake. This could be an opportunity for Nepal to redesign mental healthcare services at the community level. According to the organization, donations will help workers continue to provide clean water, food and shelter to those displaced by the earthquake. The New York Times April 25, 2015 April 25, ... How to Help the Relief Effort in Nepal.

The international agency is working in four open air sites in the Kathmandu Valley – delivering …

Even tiny Bhutan is helping. Infrastructure in affected areas was destroyed or compromised.

The April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, also known as the Gorka Earthquake, shook Nepal on 25 April with a magnitude of 7.8 leaving over 8,800 people dead and 23,000 injured.A major aftershock with a magnitude of 7.3 followed on 12 May killing more than 200 people and injuring more than 2,500 people. Primary mental health services integrated with community mental health could help children and families cope with and recover from mental … 3 Quantitative Methods: A quantitative survey was used to estimate the extent of mental health and psychosocial problems in the three assessed districts. Here are vetted charities you can donate to if you want to help.