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Gretchen Carlson is one of the nation's most successful and recognized news anchors and advocates for female empowerment. The TV personality’s days at Fox News are long done, and now Gretchen Carlson is putting her energy into fighting for the rights of victims of sexual harassment and abuse. With over a decade-long contribution to the journalism career, American commentator Gretchen Carlson has successfully earned a name for herself. Not literally, of course — but close. In June 2016, Gretchen Carlson flung herself off a cliff and survived. The movie is called Bombshell which stars Nicole Kidman as Carlson, Charlize Theron as Kelly and Margot Robbie as Pospisil. When Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News chief executive Roger Ailes in July 2016, she figured her career was over.

She has earned a solid reputation for incisive interviews of today’s newsmakers and for sharing timely stories from a clear point of … The former Miss America isn't just about the beautiful looks. Gretchen Carlson With Adorable Husband & Family; Where Is She Now & Net Worth Details. Recently on December 13, 2019, a film focusing on Carlson, her former Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly, and a composite character Kayla Pospisil was released.