White Hat (Villainous) Dr. Flug (Villainous) Black Hat (Villainous) Mpreg; Minor Black Hat/Dr. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . #villainous heroic au #villainous #white hat #dr slug #villainous au #art. Bio Since Aug 2019 (249 Days) ´´ You're so adorable, Sluggy! Heroic AU of Villainous. narwhalchick. 17 notes . The flowers bloom for comfort. Following. White Hat . The first of the Villainous OC's if the mistress named Lady White Hat, but most sometimes call her Miss White, Angel and Winter. Followers. 66. As Lady White Hat is the head of helping heroes and anti-heroes to defeat enemies while she also holds a staff that keeps the balace of light and dark in hand as she is the only one who uses it and that she cannot let it fall into the wrong hands. See more ideas about Cartoon, Dr flug and Cartoon network. 9. Aug 29, 2017 - 24| F | Philippines | Fruitloop is just a random artist who draws for fun always do comics everyday.This blog is for my random drawings Yet nothing can stop me from crying besides you. 259. 34 notes. The wind follows me. ´´ The sun always shines where i go.

Reputation. Flug (Villainous) cats dont draw art; Light Sadism; Tentacles; Summary. Heroic bois! White Hat (I still suck at line less art f-) #villainous #villainous heroic au #fan art #digital artist #digital #sketch #lineless #art #artist #artist on tumblr. May 30, 2019 - Explore diamondthekille's board "White Hat Villainous Au Heroic" on Pinterest. sarapoorple. #villainous #villainous heroic au #dr.slug #my art #narwhaldraws. The trees bend to shade me from the pain. Scientist .