hi, great post! Lauded by TIME Magazine as the best thing you can do for your body, this is why dancing is good for you. But aside from the perks associated any heart-pounding activity, dancing has a cardio edge with unique benefits that actually can't be achieved by other low-impact exercises. Dancing is a great way to build physical & mental activity into our lives; evidence shows that having an inactive lifestyle has a negative impact on our health. Dancing works the back muscles surrounding the spine which gives you a good posture. But not only does it feel good to the soul, dancing also has some major health perks. dancing is a great form of exercise, self expression and of course, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel so happy and energized. Ideal dance workouts raise the heart rate and engage with steps in the dance.
Who hasn’t gotten lost in an upbeat song as they jumped around? If you enjoy music and need a little exercise, you might want to consider taking up dance.
Why Dance Is Good For Fitness. You make new friends. i totally agree. Dancing is a whole-body workout that's actually fun.. If you’ve been attending the same dance class, you start bonding with your fellow dancers especially if you meet up to dance after class! 11.

Get ready to hit the dance floor! Dancing can help with weight management alongside increasing spatial awareness. Dancing is a fun way to exercise. Dancing has a way of taking your cares away. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Electric Slide, the Macarena or your own crazy moves. While researching this blog, I pulled up some old footage of Michael Jackson spinning.

10. Anyone can dance; that’s the best part. How It Works. I know that dancing and spontaneously trying to spin like Michael Jackson is good for my brain.

Beginner Dancing. Research shows dancing…

Dancing can improve your posture and your overall body language, it also improves your balance. Like any good, low-impact cardio workout, dancing can improve cardiovascular health, increase stamina, strengthen bones and muscles and stave off illnesses. Moving to music stimulates the senses – sight, sound and touch – it’s great fun and it’s good for our bodies and minds. dancing has so many benefits that are overlooked but should not be. One thought on “ 6 Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You ” anisha 2 June, 2017 at 8:43 am.

Not only is dancing good for you, it’s actually one of the best workouts you can partake in. Dancing Is Good For You. Dancing and Health. Dancing is good for the body and … If you find yourself slumping into middle-aged malaise, forgetting how many children you have and where you last left them, dancing could be the solution to make your mind feel younger and more alert.