To Do

Some call it a bucket list or a goal. But I’d just like to call it as a To Do list as I treat them so simple it shouldn’t be hard for me to do…. I just don’t want to get over whelmed.


Here’s what I want to do be fore I can no longer do them 😉


  1. Go back to the United States and tour
  2. Travel to Batanes and Sitangkai
  3. Buy a DSLR and study photography
  4. Get an A+ in Lakbayan
  5. Capture the beauty of Sagada and the rest of the Cordilleras
  6. Travel to Korea and Japan
  7. Backpack Southeast Asia
  8. Learn how to do a Cordillera dance
  9. Dance in a Wanes (G-String) in a festival in the Cordilleras
  10. Set foot on at least five of the seven continents
  11. Be good in a third language
  12. Setup a studio
  13. Bunjee Jump or take The Plunge in Danao
  14. Climb Mount Pulag, Mount Kanlaon, Mount Apo and Mount Dulang-dulang
  15. Plant rice in the terraces
  16. Host a travel show or be on TV show about travel
  17. Write for a magazine
  18. Participate or have my own Photo Exhibition