Baguio: Tam-awan Village

Nestled on the slopes of a mountain top, the Tam-awan Village was created to help preserve and nurture the traditional Cordillera culture while introducing it to the rest of the world.

Though this village was just recreated to simulate a real Ifugao village, you would still feel a great amount of energy embracing the mountain top.

 A quick and friendly reminder at the village’s entrance


You’ll find all of the types of abodes inside the village. There are houses that were built just to house their grains, some for their family and some for their guests.



ferns and mosses growing quietly on the slopes of the village

You walk through the sloped walkways of the village till you reach the top, which on our case was filled with clouds at the time of our trip, it was like being in heaven and the angels were the only ones missing.

View from the upper portion of the village. Tam-awan village is heavily forested or planted… errr.. I don’t really know what words to say but you get what I am saying right? =D

Around the village you’ll find lots of art works by the Cordillera people and other artists. Art is everywhere yes, you’ll even find art in their bathrooms!

Male Bathroom

Female Bathroom



The slopey side of the village.

The truth is this is more of a spiritual place for me than a tourist, here you can rent a traditional Ifugao house for a night and experience silence, peace and tranquility. You can feel the energy around you, the joy that you can’t explain specially at the peak while being embraced by the clouds.

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