Cebu: Malacanan Sa Sugbu

During the time of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the said president ordered that a building be dedicated as her official residence in Cebu to show gratitude for the landslide victory it got from the election that positioned her to office.

The Building stands east of Plaza Independencia just off by the sea. The building built on 1910 was designed by William Parsons and was previously used as an Aduana or customs house as it is just off by the port of Cebu

Unfortunately the building has not been taken cared off properly and has been in deteriorating state. I just feel bad with these kinds of government properties that can be a source of income if just used properly.  A building like this should be taken cared off not only because it is an asset for the country but also because of its historical importance.

Location Map

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