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climbing pico de loroSometimes my feet just itches to put on my shoes and just wander off. Thankfully, I have friends who suffer from almost the same syndrome as I am.

I honestly can’t remember how it started, but what I do remember is having a conversation with Dy -my office mate contemplating on what mountain to explore. He mentioned the option of going of some places then we started arguing. I was already good with the first option but he seem to have second thoughts, so I put my foot down and told him that we are trekking Pico De Loro.

Pico De Loro technically is situated in Nasugbu, Batangas. However, the jump off point for the mountain is in  Ternate, Cavite.

Getting to Pico de Loro is quite easy, just take a bus to Ternate, Cavite get off at the terminal where you’ll find tricycles waiting that can take you to the jump off point.

Upon arriving at Pico De Loro’s jump off point we registered at the DENR desk for hikers, the trail going up the summit is easily readable so no guide is needed, but if you are not that confident with your trail reading skills you might want to hire a guide just to be safe.

The trail started with something like what you see in the movies where characters venture on a journey to an enchanted kingdom on a mission to save a princess or maybe take into a possesion a magical potion that would save the queen.

After the dry part of the stream, the assault part of the trail dawned to us. This part could be a bit challenging to beginners as it could get a bit tiring if you are not used to climbing uphills, but yes noobs can manage this mountain I’d say.

Climbing Pico De Loro

Dy and I took the new trail that they’d just opened. Well we didn’t had any choice the old trail has already been closed possibly due to right of way issues. I really don’t know the real reason, I’m just speculating so never mind.

Since it was a weekday, there were very few people on the trail encountering just two groups of two people with their guides along it. I really like hiking on weekdays since the trail is not crowded, you can enjoy more of the mountain, it’s beauty and serenity it gives.

Half way up we found a viewing deck being installed. It gives you a good view of the surrounding mountians including Batulao, I think… Well I’m really not an expert when it comes to mountains so let’s just leave it at that. We spent a good amount of time at the viewing deck, the view was just incredible that even if it was mid morning, the sky was just amazingly beautiful.

climbing pico de loro

climbing pico de loro

We reached the summit after about an hour and a half of hiking but, the summit really isn’t the destination for this mountain. The ultimate reason that most hikers come up here is its famous monolith. This enormous rock that exudes some kind of power over the land that it overlooks.

Just near the summit small stores set up can be found selling snacks twice sometime thrice the price, but who are we to complain I think that it’s fair enough knowing that they have to manually transport them from below to the summit. We took some photos at the summit then proceeded to our final destination, the monolith.

climbing pico de loro

climbing pico de loro

climbing pico de loro

There is a steep part that some would find challenging, well it is just don’t let it get into your nerves and be careful and I tell you it will be rewarding. From a far the monolith seem to be unscaleable, but as you get near it you’ll find a way to go up it. We navigated the crevices of the monolith on our way up, thankfully there’s no crowd on that day so the pressure to go up quickly wasn’t felt at all. One may get intimidated in navigating their way up the monolith but as long as you follow your guide and keep your center of gravity low you should be fine.

climbing pico de loro

A sense of achievement can be felt as we reached the top of the monolith, honestly I felt a bit nervous but like I mentioned earlier everything is manageable. At the top the vast land of cavite and Batangas is just right in front of your eyes. We spent sometime at the top marveling the beauty of the scenery. From afar a resort can be seen to the left with some urban structures while a great plain is seen at the right side. Everything seem to be perfect.

climbing pico de loro

pico de loro

climbing pico de loro

Pico de Loro gave me something I was needing a sense of control. I needed it at the time when everything seem not to be going my way, everything seem to become a disaster. Some ask me why I go up the mountains and I guess one of the things I can tell them is that they teach me things that can only be learned through solitude realizing that these are the things we already poses that we just need to focus and become one with again.

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