Subic Zambales: Memories I Wouldn’t Leave Behind

People come and go in our lives, things change and for me I learned that the hard way. But no matter how traumatic my experience may be, there is a memory that I would never would want to lose.

There was a time when I got so stressed with work spending about 12 or more hours in the office each day. I was about to give up but back then I had somebody who supported me and listened to my whims and complaints about work. She was amazing. I wanted to unwind and relax, I didn’t want a vacation I just wanted to feel again the I am alive and not a robot.

I couldn’t really remember the name of the inn until I diligently searched for it on the internet. The name didn’t had that recall power but the experience had.

We stayed at the second floor with a veranda where you can see the bay, the room was not that big but it was really clean and a nice. The floor was beautifully on vinyl that looked as if it was parquet, the walls were painted white along with the white curtains that cover the floor to ceiling glass sliding doors while the air-conditioning worked perfectly. The veranda had small table and chairs that made my stay perfect.

We found the inn by accident because the first hotel that we wanted was full that day so we walked a bit more and found this unassuming place with just a small signage. The overall feel of the place was more of an apartment rather than a hotel as it give you the privacy that you need in your own little space.

All day long I just stayed at the veranda watch the waves in silence. She just held on my arms so tight. It was perfect. All I needed was her, the sea and sky.

Touching the water didn’t even cross my mind until she asked for us to walk along the shore that afternoon.

I guess sometimes we don’t need vacations or even go far, sometimes all we need is experience peace, love and nature.

Note: Photos used on this post was lifted from the google plus site of seascape inn found HERE 
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