The Brownman Hits TV Primetime On GMA’s Good News

I thought someday I’d be seen on TV and maybe get my 15 minutes of fame, little did I know that I would cross this one out from my bucket list that soon! Thanks to for giving me this opportunity. The researcher of the showf texted me asking if I could tag along and explore Mt. Romelo, obviously I said yes.

I don’t know why I didn’t feel excited or flustered which I think I should have! I mean I am gonna be on national TV that should be something! Maybe it was because I don’t want to believe until I am really there and shooting for the part.

Call time was 2AM, I live at the northern most part of the metro and by 12 midnight its a bit of a gamble in getting transportation out to the city as trips are more scarce by this time. I arrived at the GMA Netwrok center around 1:20 AM  and waited for the rest of the guys on a nearby convenience store.

breakfast at Trois restaurant in Siniloan, laguna

With me was a fellow travel blogger, Jean of  and a crew of three with the segment producer. The shoot lasted the whole day documenting our ascent, exploration of the falls and a little interview. It was so tiring explorign the four falls that same day (a two day exploration is ideal)  but of course it was superfun!

with Mariel (SP) and Miah (Researcher)

I would definitely go back to Mt. Romelo and explore the falls a bit longer, maybe enough time on each falls to gather courage to jump from a high point. I’d also like to see Sebakon Falls and share it to the world through photographs.

This whole experience is really wonderful, who knows maybe next time i’d have my own segment or even better, a travel show! 😉

Our Good News segment airs on Sunday April 28, 2013 on GMA News TV Channel 11.

Update: Here’s the video for those who weren’t able to see the episode. Enjoy and thanks!


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