Security Tips When Traveling Alone

They say there is safety in numbers, specially when you are travelling as a group. But then again safety is relative to whatever situation, location and some other factor it is always a variable when traveling. So I came up with some things that I’ve learned in the past when I started traveling solo.

1. Do not put your money and/or cards in one place.

You can never be too complacent whenever traveling so it would be wise to distribute your money in small amounts if possible throughout your clothes, laugages, bags or just about anywhere you can. so if you lose your bag or wallet you don’t lose all of your finances. I learned it the hard way when I went on a solo trip to a first world country where my wallet was pick pocketed. So even if you live in a third world country like me never think that it would be better in advance countries, I tell you it could even be much worse.

2. Use the social media

Let people know where you are or where you are going, maybe post your taxi cab’s plate if the driver looks suspicious. Forget about other people thinking that you are just bragging about your travel, just post your status so people who care about you would know that you are okay and in any case something unexpected happens they would know where to look for you.


3. Don’ trust strangers easily

Remember the movie Taken? But it doesn’t mean though that you should be paranoid either, just make sure that you would not put your self in a situation where the possibility of something “bad” happening to you, because you are with a person you barely know in a place no one can hear you and no one knows your their. In other words make sure you use your head in making decisions. As travelers we do have that certain instinct, we know who the real travelers are so use this gift along with your head. 😉

4. Research about scams and common crimes to tourists on where you are going.

All cities have a dark side you should know whether what are the changers lurking so you would be cautious. I learned about this in a show on cable TV while I was stuck in hospital bed. It really wouldn’t hurt if you research a bit about these kinds of scams specially those intended for tourists as it would save you a lot of money and most specially keep you out of danger.

5. This last tip is specially for solo lady travelers. Don’t tell strangers that you are alone. 

I would have to give credit for this last tip from Gael of The Pinay Solo Backpacker and yes I am sharing this to you because it makes a lot of sense, this way they would think twice in scamming you or doing something bad to you as they know that you reinforcements!

These are quite simple precautionary measures that you can use whenever travelling alone specially when in an unfamiliar place. The best advise that I could give you would still be always use your common sense you would know your self if something isn’t right anymore in a situation.

If you have any other advise or travel security tips or if this article has been helpful please do leave a comment below and don’t forget to like us on facebook!

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