Seoul, South Korea Backpacking Guide

Here’s a comprehensive (as comprehensive as I can though lol!) guide that you may want to take a look at if you are planning to go backpacking in Seoul, South Korea. Visa For Filipinos we are required to apply for… Continue Reading

Bus Companies Information

Knowing that the Philippines is one adventure jam packed archipelago, you have several options on how to get around the country one of them is through the Bus. Though not as fast as a plane or train taking the bus… Continue Reading

Travel Guide: 2013 Feast Of The Black Nazarene / Pista Ng Poong Nazareno

How To Get There Since it would be the feast day it is advisable that you do not bring a car. However if it is not possible for you not to bring your own vehicle  (e.g. if you are driving… Continue Reading

Bohol Countryside Tour

This is a MUST DO when in Bohol. Yes that was a statement of strong recommendation. Well there are two tours that that people our tour guides would offer you one is the countryside tour of Bohol and the other… Continue Reading

Puerto Galera: White Beach, A Quick Escape To Paradise

Living in the fast paced world of Metro Manila, with all the pressure from work is ain’t easy. So an escape to paradise from time to time is longed for by any resident of one of the biggest metropolis in… Continue Reading

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