Taipei Public Library – Beitou 北投圖書館

Ahhh.... yes I found love with books in Taiwan! The Taiwanese people are really into books as much they are into coffee.

They give importance to books and in Taiwan libraries are living and breathing

Xinyi Public Assembly Hall 信義公民會館

Just about when the government of Taiwan was to demolish this village a bright idea came up.
The Xinyi Public Assembly hall is a former military housing facility right at the heart of Taipei's CBD, the

ShiLin CiCheng Temple 士林慈誠宮

Purposely lost in the middle of Shilin Night Maket 士林夜市 searching for some more adventures for my palate, I suddenly found my self standing in front of a temple. Surprised to find a temple at

Taiwan Travel Video Part II

The second part of my trip to Taiwan. Again, as usual I got lost over and over... but hey that makes it fun!

This video includes the following:

How to get take the Taipei MRT

Taiwan Travel Video Part I

Finally! hahaha yes I found the time and the will to pull this video together after how many months of it just lying around somewhere in my portable hard drive.

This part includes check-in, take off,

Taipei City Hall Station 市府轉運站

After being a victim of my own stupidity as I may have accidentally left my wallet in the train station or (some say) a pick pocket victimized me, I really don't know but safety really depends on us so

PhotoFriday: Scooters In Taiwan

After being down and hospitalized for about five days I am back. I was confined due to an “overwhelming infection” in my blood, which is how my doctor describe what was going on to me while lying inside the emergency room. Hell yeah! I was so scared with his description. Thank God I have medical insurance from my company so I just paid for some stuff for just around Php 800 ($20).

Anyways enough about that let me share with you a photo from my trip to Taipei. Scooters!

They are the most popular mode of transport if you are going around the city in short distances. My host even picked me up at the train station, he said when we were still talking over the phone to arrange on how he could pick me up that we are gonna go around the city in true Taiwan style and that is what we did!

Taiwan: Ketagalan Cultural Center 凱達格蘭文化館

Long before the Chinese migration and the Japanese colonization of the island, Taiwan was first inhabited by Austronesian immigrants who traveled the seas of southeast Asia and discovered Taiwan formerly

Taiwan: Beitou Hot Springs Museum 北投溫泉博物館

During the Japanese occupation one of the best things that they gave to Taiwan (in my opinion) is the Hot Springs culture that a lot of people enjoy now-a-days. Through time Taiwan's adapted to this culture

Taiwan: Beitou Thermal Valley 北投 地热谷

It is the hottest part of Beitou (北投) that you can access, some call it Sulfur Valley, Hell Valley but it is much more popularly and is officially called as Beitou Thermal Valley (北投 地热谷).