Taipei 101: Guerilla Post


I was out of luck that day, yeah I guess you can say that. My plan to go up Taipei 101 by sunset was blown away by an incident where I lost my entire budget for the trip.

But Taipei 101 was just begging

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 國立國父紀念館

sun yat sen banner

Armed with a map that I printed out from google maps I navigated the streets of Taipei  bravely on my own trying to look for something interesting.

Realizing my location I quickly looked at my map

Taiwan Travel Video Part III The Finale

taiwan part 3

This is the last part of my travel video on my trip to Taiwan. This has been truly memorable and I hope that I could do another country again this year. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much

Changing of Guards At Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 國立國父紀念館

Changing of Guards

Every hour the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall changes honor guards on duty and you can witness this elaborate exercise of exiting the shrine.

Changing of Guards: Every hour

Retirement of Guards (on video)

Xinyi Public Assembly Hall 信義公民會館


Just about when the government of Taiwan was to demolish this village a bright idea came up.
The Xinyi Public Assembly hall is a former military housing facility right at the heart of Taipei's CBD, the

Taiwan Travel Video Part II

taiwan peg copy

The second part of my trip to Taiwan. Again, as usual I got lost over and over... but hey that makes it fun!

This video includes the following:

How to get take the Taipei MRT

Taiwan Travel Video Part I

Taipei Adventure Video

Finally! hahaha yes I found the time and the will to pull this video together after how many months of it just lying around somewhere in my portable hard drive.

This part includes check-in, take off,

Taipei City Hall Station 市府轉運站

Taipei City Hall Bus Station

After being a victim of my own stupidity as I may have accidentally left my wallet in the train station or (some say) a pick pocket victimized me, I really don't know but safety really depends on us so