Top 12 Memories Of 2012

We are halfway through the last month of the year so I think it is just but proper to reminisce and list down the My Top 12 memories of 2012

Through the year I went through 6 major trips, two mountains, 4 cancelled trips and a lot of challenges and blessings so in thanksgiving of the year that was let me share the best memories I have of the year that was, yes this includes the bad ones.

1 Zambales Trip

One of the most fun filled trips of my life, I say that going to Anawanging and Nagsasa Cove is perfect for bonding moments as there is no electricity so you’d really have to talk and interact with each other. Being in such situation with these travel bloggers is something I would never forget fun was really not a problem throughout our journey.


2 Mt. Pinatubo Trip

Probably the biggest trip the Pinoy Travel Bloggers ever had was this year’s Mt. Pinatubo trekking adventure. 30 travel bloggers came together and trekked from Tarlac to the mouth of the Majestic Mount Pinatubo!


3 Cebu Trip

This is not the first time I have been to Cebu but what makes this trip special is that it was the first time my dad rode a plane and his first time to travel to the Visayas.

4 Ifugao Trip

Five schools and over 300 children smiled as we top load, trekked and hiked through the mountains of Ifugao and provide Ifugao children rewards for continuously studying while reminding them of preserving the Rice Terraces.


5  Cancelled Trips

This year recorded the most number of cancelled trips for me and I’m not counting here those that were cancelled trips that involves land transfers only. A total of four trips were cancelled this year mainly because of work.  =(

6 First Year Anniversary of Brownmantrips

 Convinced by my the two people I look up to in blogging I decided to create a new blog focusing on my travels, but who would not get excited to jump in and fiddle their way into a self hosted blog with the so enthusiastically told stories by these two. I am glad I listened. Last November I just celebrated my first year of blogging with and for the first time my blog not only payed for it self but also earn a little on the side.

7 Blessings

This year was an unexpected year of blessings. From sponsored trips to more adsense hits blogging has brought me so much more than what I was expecting, for that I am so thankful. I will continue to explore and write about my experiences and work harder for my readers.

8 Hot Air Balloon Festival

Simply because it is magical and it is the first time to see hot air balloons. feels like being a child again.


9 Feast of The Black Nazarene

How can I forget as we waited more than 10 hours just to see the Nazareno? No bathroom breaks and with so little food we waited for the senyor.

10 Taiwan

This the first time that I went abroad alone. Adventure and getting lost was so fun in Taipei, people were really friendly but of course in all places there are bad elements. You’ll know what I mean on my memory for 2012 #12

11 Pundaquit

My heart was rushing faster than I can take my next step, out of breath, almost died so tell me how can I forget? LOL!

12 Loosing All My Money In A Foreign Land

Now you must be thinking what is the connection of the picture with loosing money? What you are seeing is a guy cooking up a bread delicacy in his truck along the streets of Taipei. That was what all I can afford at that time, three slices of a freshly pan fried bread with some vegetables.

How can I forget this moment when I almost was able to get back to the Philippines?

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