TummyCalls: CebuPacific Food Review

For our first ever TummyCalls: Airline Food Reviews we will be rating the food that we had during our flight going to Cebu through 5J Cebu Pacific Air.

We will rating the food using three criteria Value For Money, Taste and Presentation. Up for our very first review is the Pizza Overload Pie!

Value : Rating 7/10

We know that airline food is expensive but having the Pizza Overload Pie priced at Php 100 is reasonable enough for me. Just think of the pizza bar that you can buy from your favorite convenience store with an SRP (suggested retail price) of about Php 50, considering the quality of the bread used and how much filling it has I’d say that it is worth the amount and yes it did satisfied my tastebuds.

Taste : Rating 8/10

The Pizza Overload is okay when it comes to how it tasted. You wouldn’t go loco or crave for it so much sometime after your flight but it wouldn’t disappoint you when it comes to taste. It has the basic taste that you’d find in a pizza, the tomato sauce, meat and a whole lot of cheese!

I also like the quality of the bread that they used, it give you a lasagna feel as you take your bite because how the thin sheets of bread was layered, yep not  just one thin sheet but it was layered.

I guess the only taste that I was trying to find more was the tomato sauce which should have gave it a bit of sour kick, but generally I think most Filipinos or anyone for that matter, who likes sweet pizzas would enjoy this dish.

Prsentation : Rating 6/10

Something that tastes good like this Pizza Overload Pie is actually served inside a sealed plastic. However once unwrapped you can now feel the soft bread of the Pie. Baked until it becomes light brown the Pizza Overload pie looks okay. It would throw you off your feet but it’s some thing that you wouldn’t pass on just because of the way it looks.

 Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

If ever that you are on a Cebu Pacific flight and you need to answer your TummyCalls, I would suggest that you try the Pizza Overload Pie. It tastes good, fairly priced and wouldn’t disappoint your taste buds


This first episode of TummyCalls: Airline Food Reviews has been made possible by SkyScanner. Visit SkyScanner now to search for the lowest fare for your flight needs, I personally love it! =)

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