When Travel Comes Unexpectedly

I have been traveling for quite sometime now, I always plan my trips -at least I try to 🙂 – months before my departure. I do have lots of friends who love to travel, the truth is they are a lot more often on the road than I am specially now that I have a full time job to attend to…. on the side… hahaha! But being in these circles of friends makes me go to a lot of places…. UNPLANNED!!! See the problem there is that I am not that rich to go on spontaneous trips, so there I was thinking of ways on how I could easily join them, then… suddenly…. it just crossed my mind! Alas! Taking out unsecured loans are pretty easy now-a-days!

Aside from the fact that airlines today offer really affordable airfares to different destinations here and abroad having access to such loans that can be approved as fast as two minutes! imagine that! I am just glad that having access to these are so easy today.

So there got one road block cleared but then again comes another one, leave credits! I have just started with the company that I am with but I think that I am lucky enough that I started earning leave credits the day that I signed up to be part of them, isn’t that great!? Now I just have to be a little bit more charming to get my boss’s approval. 😉

These unplanned trips also thought me skills such as flash packing 🙂 hahaha…. yeah that can be considered as a talent, tell me how many people do you know who can pack his luggage in under a half an hour for a five day trip! Hahaha… I guess one of the secrets there is packing denims that you can use for more than a day and the oh so classic plain white or colored shirts, with these you’ll be a fashionable traveler without looking redundant on the duration of your trip.

Traveling specially with friends can be a lot of fun but unplanned trips that are hard to say no to can be a real challenge when it comes to making things work with regards to financial and professional reasons not to mention other commitments that you have to move to clear up your schedule. But after all these challenges I know that it would be all worth it as you make unforgettable memories with your friends which is the most important part.

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ian dela pena

iandelapena, the person behind the blog brownmantrips is a yuppie living in the metropolis who believes there is always something good to see everywhere in the world. This is his depository of travel memories for his not so good and maybe soon to fail memory, thus the travelogues in this blog.