XinBeitou Station 新北投捷運站

This post is about a MRT station in Taipei yes just a station but it’s worthy to be mentioned on a separate post because of it’s noteworthy architecture, this is the XinBeitou Station.

Hahaha… am I putting so much drama just for a MRT station? Well how can you complain the station’s architecture is a very good example of Chinese Architecture in a modern structure.

The station greets people with its giant trellis like structure typical of Chinese architecture and it is so overwhelming for me to see this on a branch station, yes the XinBeitou station is just a branch and is not part of the main line, extravagant for a station huh!?

The trains that services the station coming from the Beitou Station in the main line are also specially themed for the area with bathtubs and spa like decors inside the train, outside the train looks like its going to Disneyland!

These last two photos are actually taken from the Beitou Station but I have included them to show how good Taiwan’s tourism ministry is. This particular platform that is showing is where you will be waiting for your train to XinBeitou

On this trip I used the Taipei Metro most of the time and it just shows how tourist friendly Taipei is. You don’t need to get a cab or ride and get stuck in traffic while in a bus for most of the attractions as the MRT stations in Taipei are strategically located along the major destinations.

One good tourism model that I have noticed in Taipei that we here in the Philippines should adapt is to make sure that all train stations are clean inside and on its surrounding, safe, efficient and one more important thing is that there are tourist information centers that people can go to.

Here are the tourist spots that you can reach from this station.

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