Taiwan: Lung Nai Tang Hot Springs 瀧乃湯

Lung Nai Tang is Taipei’s first and probably the only remaining  Japanese style public bath in Beitou. When Japan occupied the island they also imparted to the people their Onsen culture but of course they don’t call it Onsen there.

The difference between Taiwanese and Japanese style of public bath is that with the Japanese style men and women have separate bathing pool of hot spring water and you have to be completely naked while the Taiwanese style has a communal pool for both men and women and you would have to wear bathing suits as you dip in the pool.

Upon entering you will be greeted by the owner, he speaks a little English just enough to give you instructions. The entrance on the left are for men and the ladies go to the right.

Most customers when I got in are old people and some of them are meditating beside the steaming hot water which looked really cool! A really great way to immerse into the Taiwanese way of living.

For just NT$90 (Approx. Php 126 / USD 3.15)you can dip all you want. Just a word of caution though the water is really hot about 42 degrees celcius as stated on the entrance so make sure that you cool off every once in a while. They don’t have lockers inside but has some space where you could place your belonging, I don’t have a picture of it and the pools as I didn’t use my camera inside (of course DUH!!!) even though I didn’t see any signs prohibiting it. This experience is really cool, liberating and relaxing at the same time.

How to get to Lung Nai Tang

Take the Taipei MRT up to the Beitou Station, change platforms to the train going to Xinbeitou. Once you step out of the station you will see a park right across which separate two roads. Take the road to your right, the one with the Starbucks along it. Walk past the Taipei Public Library and Beitou Hot Springs Museum and you’ll find Lung Nai Tang to your right just before you reach a beautiful wooden bridge.


  • It is customary for people to thoroughly clean them selves up before you take a dip on the hot springs pool.
  • Be sure to bring soap and a small towel for the purpose of the tip above and so that you can use the towel as you dip
  • Do not make any sudden movements, be graceful while on the pool. Some people specially the elderly gets irritated (not that I got someone mad^_^) if you make so much splashes or waves as the water is really hot.
  • Be sure to drop by the visitors information booth at the lobby of the XinBeitou station. They have lots of information that will help you. Their brochures even have itinerary suggestions on how to get around Beitou.
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