Xinyi Public Assembly Hall 信義公民會館

Just about when the government of Taiwan was to demolish this village a bright idea came up.

The Xinyi Public Assembly hall is a former military housing facility right at the heart of Taipei’s CBD, the Xinyi District where there are lots of good accommodation that you can compare prices and find cheap hotels. Well for the penniless traveler that I was back then (lost all my money while in Taiwan) this place is great for learning and being entertained.


My host took me to this village which was just about a five minute’s walk away from his apartment, I like the fact that places like this are so accessible to common people in Taipei that you wont get intimidated walking inside and enjoy the place.


the exterior of the village still remains the same yet inside new life has been given to the buildings, something that we call adaptive reuse.

Inside the walls of these houses is a museum an art gallery and a restaurant where they say you can get the best bagels in the whole of Taipei, not to mention the great coffee that they serve there.



I would have to say that I really like this place, the art and how they transformed this former military village to something that is part of everyday living, like shopping eating, coffee and one that is important a learning place of a nation’s history.


My host and I parted ways at the courtyard of the village as I gaze to the towering Taipei 101. The Xinyi Assembly hall is perfect example of how we could save our heritage from the past yet still looking forward to progress.

How To Get To Xinyi Public Assembly Hall

  • You can take buses 32, 46, 202, 277, 612, 621, Blue 10 that stops near the Xinyi District Administration Center

See Map Here


  • Make sure to try the different bagels at the restaurant in the village, like I said earlier they are legendarily delicious and famous in Taipei.


Article originally published on December 9, 2012
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