Bol-joon: A Place Where Time Stands Still

I first heard about this place from my friend AJ Poliquit while reading his blog ( and I was like are you sure its called Bol-joon? or am I reading this right?  Well yeah those are my initial reactions, but well into his story goes, I was almost having an experience reading his article. Then I found my self wanting to go to the place at the end of the story. Hence, Bol-joon is the only definite place that I have listed on my must see places in Cebu on my itinerary.

After eating lunch in Carcar I hopped into a bus to Bol-joon which costed Php 78.00. Along the way the scenery reminded me much of how life used to be. Simple.

This house reminded me of our old abode.
A girl stares at my weird hairdo =)
It was a good thing the bus that I rode has footrests as my feet are tired from all of the walking done.

after about an hour I reached the town of Boljoon. The conductor dropped me off right in front of the church and all that I could do is stand still in amazement. I stepped inside the compound of the church and just right after the arch I could help but do a 360 view and admire the church as it faces the sea.

Bol-joon church’s entrance arch

I walked inside the church and found that a funeral service was taking place in front of the gold gilded altar of the church, again I just stood in awe of the beauty of the altar, one of the biggest that I have seen so far.

Main altar

The Bol-joon church is regarded as one of the oldest and important churches in Cebu and unlike its other counterparts throughout Cebu, one unique feature of the church is its tower. It features a rectangular structure instead of a being round, which they say shows a moro features.

Bol-joon church’s exterior and convent

It was good to know that the church is actually undergoing renovation and restoration to bring it back to its original state. I am just concerned with the cracks on the restored bell tower as it seems like cement was used instead of the original material, the materials used back then are still more reliable than that of a cement as it protects the stones more from moisture.

Beside the church is a small garden which used to serve as a public cemetery before which was the reason for the creepy looking garden gate

Aside from the church and its convent, the Escuela Catolica can also be found inside the complex. The structure used to be a dormitory for children who are about to take their first communion, the children are required to stay there for the night prior to receiving one. As of now it is still being used as a meeting hall for various religious organizations.

Being a football fan that I am (well just a bit 🙂  ) I stayed for a while and watched the kids playing at the plaza of the church. Soccer is really big in the Visayas compared to the Basketball crazy Manila. Yes, even after Manila got the soccer fever because of the Azkals, the Visayas still has much of my respect when it comes being dedicated to the sport.

Kids playing soccer
Blockhouse fortress

A structure that served as the church’s main fortress is to be found at the left side of the complex. It served as  a watch tower during the Spanish times against pirates and invaders.

Barangay Hall

Across the street is Plaza Bermejo, it’s a small plaza that has a tennis court, the barangay hall and a small promenade along the sea wall. I hanged out at the plaza for a while and took advantage of the free wifi,  yes they do have wifi! =)

Heritage trail billboard

You can follow the billboard at the barangay hall which suggests a trail that would take you to the heritage sites around the vicinity, but for me I just enjoyed the moment and the cool breeze along the sea wall.

At the plaza I can see the humongous rock formation that we passed by that they call Ili Rock which served as a natural fortress during the Spanish era.

Ili rock
Bol-joon Church seen from Plaza Bermejo

So there I was finding my self spending most of my afternoon, sitting at the plaza and just enjoying the view. I would have to say Bol-joon offers one of the most picturesque towns in Cebu. I really enjoyed my stop here in Bol-joon and experience its laid back, relaxed environment.

Bol-joon will always be a special place me simply because it takes me back to a time when people knew how to live life as it should be.

Well after spending so much drama by the sea (lol, but no kidding it really is a place where you could think about life a lot) I went to wait for another bus to take me to my next destination the town of…… hmmmm actually I am not sure of yet where my next stop will be so I had to think it over while on the bus.

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