Taiwan: Ketagalan Cultural Center 凱達格蘭文化館

Long before the Chinese migration and the Japanese colonization of the island, Taiwan was first inhabited by Austronesian immigrants who traveled the seas of southeast Asia and discovered Taiwan formerly known as Formosa.


The museum tells the story of the island’s first inhabitants, their culture way of living and heritage.


It is not allowed to take pictures to the floors where most of the interesting items were. But In general the museum is great as it shows you how close our cultures are knitted. I’d say that it still is worth a visit.


  • Ask the staff if there is someone who could help you around to explain as most of the exhibits are on Chinese.
  • Start at the basement where you could take some photos the 2nd and 3rd levels are off limits to photographs.
  • Say hi to the staff they are always delighted to help specially foreigners who wants to know more about their culture


  • Take the MRT and get off at XinBeitou station and walk along Zhongshan Rd. (pronounced as Jongshan) and you will see their building on your left.
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