Top 5 Reasons Why Date A Traveler

Reasons why you should date a traveler….

I sure am having a hard time writing this article. But don’t get me wrong! It’s not because there are no reasons at all why you should date a traveler, it is more of nah… I’m not gonna tell you all that mess! haha! But generally speaking there are a lot of advantages of dating a traveler, traits that we develop on the road.

so without further a do here’s  my

Top Reasons Why You Should Go Out With (  ME ) A Traveler.

1. We are positive thinkers.

A lot of times we get into situations, specially when travelling solo where all we can do is but to think positively and hope for the best. Situations like getting lost and having no room to stay at he middle of the night actually made us better people, hence we don’t get lost we just like exploring! But seriously this is something that I think this one of our strongest traits, we are the last ones to give up, if we ever do.


2. We are good in finances

Because of our love for traveling we developed this financial management skills where we learned to prioritize things. We knew how to generate funds for us to get out there on the road. This resourcefulness can be handy a lot of times when things get tight.

3. We Love Having Fun!

Travelers, if I may say are like brothers and sisters separated from birth that when we come together we just easily get along and one thing is for sure having fun is definitely like drinking water for us giving you a natural high!

4. We know how to appreciate little things.

We appreciate small things like how blue is the sky, how serene does the stream runs through or even just a little bird. I really don’t have much to say about this. We are just simple people who appreciate the world we live in.

5.Office Allergies

We’d rather stay out there on the road exploring the world and discovering new things…….. oh yeah…. so we can spend some quality time. =) Since we always like being on the road, we will most likely spend more time with our loved ones. And if your traveler hubby/wifey/gf/bf is quite generous you might be getting a little more than just hugs and kisses! A free trip! =D

These are some of a traveler’s trait that you might like. I just made it top 5 to make it cooler! LOLZ! just kidding! But seriously this is my top 5 reasons and I think this is enough for you to go out there and date some Diego or Dora the Explorer girl and start traveling. Now that makes me think, would another traveler go out with me if I ask her??? Hmmmm…. I guess that for another episode! Cheers!

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