Travel Guide: Obando Fertility Festival (Sayaw Sa Obando)

From the 17th to the 19th during the month of May Obando, Bulacan celebrate the longest feast in the Philippines, The Obando Fertility Festival or more popularly known as Sayaw sa Obando.

Formerly known as the Kasilonawan Festival, the feast in Obando is known to make miracles for those who wants to have a child or farmers that would like to have a good harvest.

People dance on the streets and ends inside the church with more dancing. I assure you, you’ll get goose bumps when you are inside the church dancing with the crowd.


The procession starts early in the morning around 7am so be there early specially on the second day of the feast, the 18th which is the feast of saint claire where most devotees dance for a child.

Here’s a video of last 2011’s procession.


Throughout the surrounding of the church up to the nearby streets you can buy different kinds of Filipino food like kalamay, tamales, suman and kasoy among many others. There are also fast food chain rolling stores where you can buy food from for lunch.

How To Get To Obando

Commuting Option A. Look for the jeepnies going to Paco or Obando at the back of Victory Mall in Monumento, Caloocan.

Option B. From Monumento ride a bus to Malanday. Get off at Mercury Malanday and cross the streets walk towards the public market and get on a jeep (do not ride those jeeps going to Polo only) at the terminal in front of the market. Jeepney signs may say Paco, Obando or Bayan. Fare costs about 9pesos

Via Private Vehicle

I wouldn’t suggest bringing your car with you as parking would be a problem. And traffic would be a nightmare. People sometimes or most of the time walk from Catanghalan to the Church as roads are closed most of the time.

However if you insist. Drive through Mc Arthur Hiway going north make a turn to M.H. del Pilar st. when you get to Mercury Malanday. Go straight until you see a the polo church. turn right then turn left again on the first street to your left. Continue driving until you reach the Petron Gasoline station (you are now in Catanghalan, Obando, Bulacan) turn right and drive until you see the Obando Church to your right.

If you don’t want to hit your head in regret because you didn’t believe me that traffic is really bad, you can just go back to the Polo Church and park your car there then take a jeep to Obando.

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