Tuesday Tips: Top 5 Tips When Entering A Country (Immigration 101)

For first time travelers specially who are doing it solo we, most of the time, worry too much or sometimes careless about immigration. Remember that immigration procedures will always be present every time you enter another country aside from yours.

I decided to write about this because of the unusual circumstance that I faced during my first solo travel outside of the Philippines.

Here are my Top 5 Tips that you could keep in mind as you face your very first immigration officer in another country

1. Bring Extra Valid Government Issued IDs

I’ve lost and gained weight ridiculously  uncontrollable over a span of one year so when I was up for the immigration counter processing in Taipei International Airport the officer asked for another ID to confirm that the person on my passport and my visa is the same person. Luckily I brought my NBI Clearance with me. I would suggest though to bring something like a drivers license or something that has your most recent photograph.


2. Always Have A Pen

As your plane makes or nears its finally approach to your destination the flight attendants on board will be handing out immigration cards. You need to fill up these immigration cards and present them to the immigration officer of the country your are entering. Make sure that you carefully read these cards as they provide different instructions on each country that you visit, some of them even ask you to keep a part of the card and present it as you exit the country.

3. Have Documents Ready

Acquiring a visa or being included in visa waiver program does not guarantee any one that he or she will be able to enter a certain country. Though a visa is a written permission of a country’s immigration department, you would still need to prove that you are there for a specific purpose (business, study or travel) and that you would definitely go back to your country of origin.


With this in mind make sure that you have documents ready to be presented to the immigration officer that would facilitate your entry. These documents may be plane tickets/itineraries, hotel reservations or tour package itineraries and receipt. Have documents that would prove that you will be able to finance your self while staying at your country of choice as well, this should not be a problem as you’d have maybe your credit card or cash with you as you fly in.

4. Be Confident

Immigration officers more often than not knows a lot about psychology so it is important that you look and confident to avoid making the immigration officer doubt that you just want to tour their country. This should not be a problem as long as you have planned your trip well I’m sure that you’d be able to answer the immigration officer’s question so don’t get nervous.

5. Stick Together (For Groups)

It would be a lot faster if you stick together if you are travelling with a group. Most immigration officers would ask you anyway if you are traveling with anybody else and they can process your admission to their country at the same time and much faster.


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