Bohol: Bilar Man Made Forest

This is Pit Stop #3 in our Bohol Countryside Tour and you can tell your self as you enter this Man Made Forest in Bohol that it is -quite literally- the coolest stop in your tour. You can feel the sudden drop of temperature and cooler breeze that touches your face. I’d even say that it is a lot easier to breath there than on the non forested area of the highway.

This Man Made Forest is not located on any official stop or resort its just a stretch of the highway that goes through the reforested area in Bilar, Bohol, nothing fancy or something.

The Man Made Forest project came about around the 1930’s as a reforestation project for the area due to the Kaingin practices (slash-and-burn) of the people who took cover under its deeply forested area during the war. Around the 1950’s the project was turned into a water shed project to improve the water supply to the surround areas.

The place really looks amazing, however if are inside no matter how thick and how cool the temperature is inside the forested area you wouldn’t hear any sound of birds singing. Why? I read off on the internet about this recent study about the dangers of inappropriate planting in reforestation projects.

It also says that Mahogany Trees when their leaves fall down and decay it emits harmful chemicals for birds and other animals. The study also says that only endemic trees should be planted to promote biodiversity. Ugh…that’s enough too much science stuff for me for now.

Anyways the Bilar Man Made Forest still is beautiful it’s like a scene out of the telenovelas and korea novelas that we watch. It is still is a must do when in Bohol. Also just to be fair, the people back then didn’t knew about the study like I said it was only recent. 😉

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