Taipei 101: Guerilla Post

I was out of luck that day, yeah I guess you can say that. My plan to go up Taipei 101 by sunset was blown away by an incident where I lost my entire budget for the trip.

But Taipei 101 was just begging to be seen from almost all part of the district where I was staying. I gave in, even though I didn’t have any money to go up I pushed through and marveled at the building that once reigned to be the tallest in the world outside.


These are what greeted me, giant sculptures that looks like ancient Chinese currency with holes looking like the numbers 101.

Looking up at Taipei 101 or Tai bei Yi Ling Yi. I was literally on the ground, lying, just to get a good portion of the builidng -this was taken on a 18mm lens.



I don’t really know if they are protesting or what but it is kind off odd that they are doing these meditation in front of the Taipei 101 Mall.

Anyways I went inside the mall and walked around window shopping and yes I couldn’t even afford a window! LOL! I am really not a fan of malls so after seeing a couple of stores I got my self out of it.

So some of you might be thinking why I call this article a guerilla post, well because I do not consider this as my official post for Taipei 101 and just like MacArthur once said I Shall Return!

How To Go To Taipei 101

The most convenient way to get to Taipei 101 (or anywhere else in Taipei) is through the MRT. You can alight at the Taipei City Hall Station and walk south. You’ll see the bldg. already as you step out of the station.

You can also take buses 20, 282 or 284 among many buses.

View Taipei 101 in a larger map

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