Bohol: Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

I actually didn’t knew that this was part of the tour but I am happy that it was. Just a couple of kilometers away from the man made forest along the highway, we drove a bit to the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center.

We paid a very small amount (less than a hundred pesos, around 75 pesos I think) and I’d say that I feel guilty that I didn’t pay more. You’ll know why.

After paying the fee we were greeted by our tour guide, yep guests are toured around the facility educating them about butterflies.  The guided is really interesting because of the funny tour guide that entertained us but then again if you are not into these kind of educational presentation you can just wander off your self through the three hectare property.

The entire experience was very interesting and educational for us. It refreshed us a lot of things about our high school biology classes which reminds us that we should all care for mother nature as everything is interconnected.

Well I think I am gonna shut up for now and share with you guys this video of the fifteen minute tour of the facility.


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