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Knowing that the Philippines is one adventure jam packed archipelago, you have several options on how to get around the country one of them is through the Bus. Though not as fast as a plane or train taking the bus is one of the cheapest way to get around the country (this may be the cheapest option if you were not able to book ahead of time through LCCs but check air travel first) and sometimes the only way to go (if you are going to the mountains)

Here are some helpful information to make your planning easier. Listed below are some of the major Bus Companies found in Manila that would take you to your dream destinations within and around the Luzon Island.

North Of Luzon Bound Buses

Victory Liner

Routes: Northern Luzon
Website: www.victoryliner.com (schedules and fares can be found here)
Contact Numbers:
Cubao: (02) 727-4688, (02) 410-8986, (02) 727-4534
Manila: (02) 559-7735
Caloocan: (02) 361-1506, (02) 361-4665 to 66
Kamias: (02) 920-7396
Pasay: (02) 833-4403, (02) 833-5019 to 20


Dagupan Bus Co., Inc

Routes: Northern Luzon
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Dagupan-Bus-Co-Inc/152564081479111
Contact Numbers:
Cubao: (02) 727 2330, (02) 929 6123, (02) 928 5639, (02) 727 2330, (02) 727 2287

Partas Bus Company

Routes: North of Luzon
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Partas-Transportation-Co-Inc/174185342602974
Contact Numbers:
Pasay (02) 852-8194
Cubao (02) 727-8278
Sampaloc (02) 742-3242
Laoag (77) 771-4898, () 771-1415
Abra (74) 752-8262,
Vigan (74) 722-2933 (74) 722-3369
La Union (72) 242-0465
Baguio (74) 444-8431




South Of Luzon Bound Buses 

Note: (some of these bus companies also serve the Visayas -yes all the way from the Luzon island- and Mindanao.

JAC Liner

Routes: Southern Luzon
Website: www.jacliner.com
Contact Numbers:
Kamias: (02) 927-4745, (02) 928-6140
LRT Buendia: (02) 404-2073
Lucena:  (042) 373-7493


Dalin Bus Company

Routes: South of Luzon
Website: www.dalinbus.com
Contact Numbers:
Manila: (02) 785-8566.



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