Disneyland California: Dreams Do Come True

I was reluctant, you can even say that I didn’t care at all. I believed that Disneyland was made just for kids and that I wanted to save more of my pocket money so I could bring back more at home in the Philippines. But when my boss asked us if we wanted to see Disneyland I don’t know what force in the universe made me say yes.

We woke up really early the following day and checked out of our hotel. Disneyland was just a little more than a 15 minute drive away from where we were staying so no one was really in a hurry.

Before we go inside the park we needed to prepare our selves for the exhausting day ahead of us. My boss found it funny that we wanted to eat McDonald’s instead of Denny’s for breakfast, we reasoned out that we wanted to compare how they do McBurgers in the states and in Manila reasonable yet he still thinks it was funny. It was actually! hahaha!

That’s Belle, Me and Dindo on board the tram that would take us to Downtown Disney so we could walk to the park entrance.

It was not really easy to get a photo like the one above, there were lots of people trying to take at the same time. What was nice though was people know how to take turns no one was intentionally photo bombing or carelessly posing there.

The first ride we took was…. hold your breath….. It’s A Small World! hahahaha! yep! It’s a relax boat ride that takes you to around inside this building where thousands of dolls dance simultaneously to the tune of It’s A Small World in different languages. It’s more of a kids ride actually but I did enjoy it though I was sad that the Philippines was represented by two dolls only =(

After getting stoned like high with happiness inside the Its A Small World ride we went to the TomorrowLand area. We lined up for the Space Mountain ride for about….. two hours only!!! I think that if you like to ride Space Mountain you should either get a Flash Pass or get to the park as early as you can as Space Mountain is one of if not the most popular ride in the park. The railings where you should line up even suggests a longer line than the ones that we got caught up with! So make sure that the first ride you line up for early in the morning is Space Mountain.

Space Mountain was really fun! It’s a roller coaster ride in the dark, yes! IN THE DARK! I am not kidding, So we boarded the trains without knowing what was ahead of us, my boss Mike kept on telling us that there is a big drop ahead of us so I was really scared. It was so embarrasing when we reached the end of the ride and there was no drop and I was like a silly child screaming throughout the ride! My boss was laughing big time when we got off, he got me there big time! LOL!

So basically just to give you an idea Space Mountain is a ride that simulates space travel. It gives you the feeling as if you are in a rocket in outer space travelling. You’ll be travelling in complete darkness where you’ll only see stars and other heavenly bodies. Quite fun so try it!

Next up was a visit to Mickey’s home town, ToonTown! In here -they say, you’ll see most of the Disney characters like Daisy and Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as Goofy to name a few.

This is Roger Rabbits house I think.

Resting a bit from all of the walking we’ve been doing all morning.

The next ride we took was the Mater Horn Bobsleds, actually it wasn’t that memorable for me. I don’t know why, maybe because it was just another roller coaster ride for me.

We also rode this water slide ride which was really fun! I underestimated this ride because from the outside the drop really looked like it was just a few feet but when we were slowly ascending I realized that it was actually higher than I thought it was. I think though that it was a good thing that I thought of it that way because I really did enjoy the ride instead of getting scared all the way through.

By night fall we ate at the semi posh restaurant inside the park, The River Belle. Semi posh? I said it that way because it wasn’t serviced at all but the price!!!??? I paid around $30 for my meal! It was really filling though and I almost wasn’t able to finish all of it if I won’t keep reminding my self that I paid for almost 1,500 pesos for my meal! LOL!

I thought that we were done after dinner and that we will be heading to where we will be staying for the night. But Mike told us that we will be hanging out some more for the fireworks!

Living in the Philippines I have seen a lot of fireworks through my lifetime each one grander than the last, again I was underestimating the power of dreams. Hahaha! Am I sounding like a Disney fanatic already? hahaha!

The fireworks display was amazing the lights danced to the tune of the music from different Disney movies, shows and even rides in the park! I thought that it would just be another firework display but again I was wrong or were we just really lucky since the show that night was about Disney’s 50th anniversary entitled “Dreams do come true”.

I even saw Tinker Bell fly from one part of the park to the top of the castle just like in the movies. It was so magical. It’s really true that when go to Disneyland you become a child again, irregardless whether you believe on it or not. You just become one again without you knowing it up until the end of the day.

It was time to go home already and I was trying to savor the last few moments we have in the park. While some of us went to the washroom I wandered around the area where we were and saw this room. I would say that it is more of a museum than a theater as they show old clips of the first generation of Mickey mouse shows.

I honestly didn’t think that I would enjoy Disneyland that much but every single day since I went to that magical place I consider that day one of the most magical and happiest moments of my life.

Hope to back there again.

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