Cebu City Tour Itinerary Suggestion

Last time that I was in Cebu was with my dad and we were a little strapped-for-cash. One of the reasons why I don’t like planning to much for a trip, I get frustrated if we don’t get to do the things that we are expecting that we would be doing. But since the trip was originally made for my dad I actually made a list of things to do in Cebu.

So here’s a suggestion of what and where to go in Cebu City. We covered most of them but some we failed to.

Note: This is a suggestion for where to go, where to eat and what to do specially just for the city its self. For suggestions on what to do around the whole island please see my Cebu Backpacking Series

1.  Magellan’s Cross – See the cross that Magellan (Magallanes) planted when he discovered The Philippines

2.  Santo Niño de Cebu Basilica Minore – The center of the devotion of the Philippines’ to the Santo Nino.

3.  Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral – The seat of the power of the Archdiocese of Cebu.

4.  Plaza Independencia

5.  Fort San Pedro – An old spanish fortification that was used to defend Cebu from invaders

6.  Museo Sa Sugbu

7.  Taboan and Carbon Market – Pasalubong (gifts) shopping need I say more?

8.   Lapu-Lapu Shrine – Considered as the first Philippine Hero, Lapu-Lapu’s shrine stands rightfully on the island of Mactan where he successfully defended his small kingdom from invaders.

9. Cebu Provincial Capitol

10. Malacañan Sa Sugbo

11. Larsian – The city being just by the city naturally offers grilled sea food as its specialty but us pinoys do love our street style barbecues so don’t miss this group of grillers who have come together to offer the best barbecues in Cebu.

12. Ziplining at the Regency Towers

13. Free Diving in Mactan – I’ve never thought there exists a place where the water is so clear yet its just a few minutes from the city. Enjoy Free Diving in Kontiki Resort on Mactan Island.

Side Trip

Carcar City is a good side trip its about 30  minutes away from the city via bus. Carcar is well known for being the home of Cebu’s famous Lechon and Chicaron that can be found in their market.

These are the sites that I think is worth visiting from personal experience and research if you have any other places that you think should be in this list just let us know by leaving a message at the comment box below.


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