McArthur Highway Series: Eurobake The Best Ensaymada Ever

I lived in Bulacan for quite a while as a kid, hopping between Malolos and Guiguinto a few times. It was kinda difficult for me as a kid back then because I can’t have permanent friends but one thing for sure that was always there for me was my parent’s pasalubong whenever they come home from their trips to Manila. That is how I learned to love Eurobake.

Eurobake’s main shop is located just off the interchange of NLEX and McArthur highway, you wouldn’t miss their Swiss/Dutch style building standing proudly along the road. Since their shop is right at the interchange people get off in front of their shop and buy pasalubong.

There are two things that I could never go without when visiting Eurobake, the two things that they are famous for Esaymadang Malolos and Inipit. Ensaymadang Malolos is a pastry made up of soft fluffy bread topped with heavenly amount of butter, sugar, lots of cheese and a special salty egg. Inipit  meanwhile is made up of lard pressed between two soft chiffon bread, hence the name Inipit (pressed).

From the bakeshop you can get a glimpse of the gateway arch to Malolos the province’s capital. This part of the province is also famous for the plant industry. Various vendors of potted plants even trees can be found along the roadside, this is where the municipal government of Guiguinto conceptualized from their Halamanan Festival.

Bulacan will always have a special place in my heart it has this certain aura that I don’t feel anywhere else. I miss my province even though I am just a stone’s throw away from it (literally and figuratively), I miss spending time there. This post is written about almost a year after the trip I guess Bulacan deserves a good visit again.

How To Get There

From Manila take anybus that would take the Guiguinto exit of NLEX tell the conductor that you are getting off at Eurobake.

View Map Here

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