Taiwan: Millenium Hot Springs 千禧汤

Early during this century the Taiwan government opened a public hot springs resort in Beitou. The entrance fee is affordable about NT$40 for the general public to enjoy this gift of nature.

On it’s opening day the president of Taiwan even took a dip at its pools to inaugurate the said resort.

This is a public mix sex (co-ed) hot spring so you would need to wear a bathing suit while taking a dip compared to their Japanese Style hot springs where you can be naked as you take a dip.  Also, be sure to read the safety precautions for your own safety.

How to get to Millenium Hot Springs

The resort is located at No 6 Zhongshan Rd, Xin Beitou, Taipei which is the road to your left if you are facing the park across you as alight from the XinBeitou Station 新北投站.


  • Bring a swimwear, this is an open air public pool.
  • Don’t forget to clean up thoroughly first before taking a dip at the pool.
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