The Falls Of Mt. Romelo

Like a dreamy scene from a pinoy fairy tale series we journeyed the hills of Mount Romelo…. ehhhhhh! Okay lets go back to reality here a bit. I am over weight and medically doctors are concerned about it they say that I am effin OBESE! Oh common its just a few pounds over my ideal weight and I am not physically disable to accomplish any task…. Well really I do have some difficulty and traveling had made it for me a lot easier to at least manage my weight.

Over the past year or two I’ve ventured into a new phase of traveling, I travel to climb mountains now too! Not so much though but at least I have included it now on my to do list every time that I have the opportunity. For this I have to thank Ivan of for introducing me to the mountains.

A friend referred me to GMA News TV’s researcher for a segment on one of their shows. I didn’t really have a good idea of what we were to do so me and Jean my co-star if you I may say that, were speculating what are we to do, do we host or do we play like everything is just stolen shots. Anyway the bigger surprise for us was that the place where we will shoot and trek is at Mt. Romelo! Come on! I wasn’t prepared for this! I thought that we’d just cross rivers and trek easily on almost flat trail but no its an effin moutain! I’m really not complaining here, I am more of surprised because I am not prepared. As soon as we found out that its gonna be a mountain, memories of my terrifying Mt. Pundaquit traverse came

Burawisan Falls

The trek to the top of the mountain and into the valley of waterfalls was really okay, it was not that difficult but the terrain that you have to go through from one waterfall to another was more challenging.

Lazones Falls 

But the beauty of each and every falls just takes away the pain you feel on your feet. In short it was worth every step.

Sampaloc Falls
Batya-batya Falls

I still plan on going back to Mt. Romelo, not just that it is an easy hike for beginners but I also still have to seek fulfillment in seeing Sebakon Falls, the illusive falls that has not been reached by most people. That I have on my list.

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