The World Is My Classroom

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of March entitled “Leap of Faith: When Travelling Changed My Life” and I dedicate this to the great people that I met on my trip to Taipei in Taiwan last February 2012.

There are instances that a single moment changes our lives forever. I had a few of them my self that shaped who I am right now,  a traveler. But then again, it was just the start of the shift in my life.

Traveling made me open my eyes and understand that there is a bigger world out there, how different the cultures are and what beauty is, in so many different ways. So let me share to you the things that I learned over the short period of time with my solo travels that I have done to feed my soul.


My first time to travel outside of the Luzon island on my own was in Cebu. It was actually a test for my self .  I have set my mind that if I can make it through this trip, I can make it through life. The challenge awaiting me was the mild language barrier and the indefiniteness of this trip. Nothing was set, nothing was planned except for Boljoon that is it!

I believe life is such an predictable that no one could ever plan perfectly, so maybe that is the reason why I don’t really set an itinerary for any of my trips. I wanna enjoy a place as if it is a part of me and let my feet and my heart along with whatever comes up take me to my next destination, that way I don’t get easily disappointed as well.

However unstructured the trip was a success. One may say that navigating unfamiliar territories is crazy but life it self is crazy so why not? Thanks to Cebu I learned how to live my life from now on. One step at a time.


Booked over a year ahead this was one leap of faith trip to start with. The flights were just two days apart, so all I have was just 48 hours to discover what Taipei has in store for me.

I was thinking that I don’t have much money and was actually fearing that it wouldn’t suffice for my trip. I was expecting the  cost of living in Taipei would be as high as if you are in Japan or in the United States. Yet still, I held on determined to execute my goal with a prayer in my pocket.

Miraculously, just like how God works in my life everyday I got additional funding after a few minutes.

Taipei 101

The myths and the stereotype of generalizing the Chinese people in my head has been broken. I learned that even if we generally call them Chinese, they still have diverse cultures within their society just like how the Philippines is so diverse.

The people I met in Taiwan the couple who adopted me when I arrived, Ching and Chiang, My Host Simon and Filipinos Robelyn and Romelyn made me re-establish my faith to humanity’s kindness. I would say that the environment that I have grew up in, made my perspective rough and my exterior tougher to survive. Living in a mega city like Manila isn’t easy you have to guard your own or else you’ll be taken advantaged. And this trip to Taiwan made me realize that the world is not that evil at all.


Indeed the world is a class room and I look at every town, city, province and country that I go to is a subject that I learn lessons from. These are just some of the things that I have learned as I explore. As I go on and travel, I continue to let this world change my life one trip at a time.


This is my contribution to the “”Leap of Faith: When Travelling Changed My Life” Blog Carnival hosted by Pandelicious of for the Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

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