Where To Eat In Cebu: Larsian

Cebu has a great food culture, both traditional and contemporary. Larsian is of course on the more contemporary side of the cebuano palate. Serving good grilled food Larsian is a great place for being withe friends.

If you are like me who suffers from high cholesterol, this is not the place for you! But I highly recommend it to you! Hahahahaha!

Larsian is not one single restaurant or store that sells grilled food, it actually is a place where a bunch of  vendors compete for the people that comes in to the food court type of covered dinning hall at the middle.

As soon as you step inside the court you’ll feel like the celebrity with food grilling around you as the vendors start to try catching your attention and try to persuade you to buy food from their store. And then when you finally have made your choice they suddenly just shut up as if nothing happened! hahaha! It’s really funny if you get to witness as each customer gets “harassed” so that they would buy from a certain vendor! lol!

The Larsian that we know today is very new, this location just opened less than two years ago (somebody please correct me if I am wrong) as a way of the city government to sanitize the goods that are being sold more of for public safety. Larsian before to its present incarnation started out Palengke (market) style then came the food court type and now a much more beautiful place to dine.

We had lots of fun dinning at Larsian. Each store has a wide variety of food that you can order to be grilled like sea food, pork beef and even chicken skin! yum! I know I said that I have high cholesterol count but I guess the sight of the Chong Hua Hospital just across the fence was reassuring that I’d get to the hospital on time in any case of a heart attack or high blood pressure! Hahahaha!

So if ever that you are in Cebu do not ever miss for the love of God at least one night dinning at Larsians! 😉

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