My 2014 In Travel

I have to say that I am truly blessed this year. I may have travel less but I have travel farther! Yes, you can say more miles this year. Near distance (domestic) travel had been abundant for the past couple of years and it’s great. But this year I am happy to have explored farther with some of the people that mean most to me.

As they say “Count your blessings” so here we go!

1. Brought the whole team to a secluded beach! 

this is the most recent trip that I had and I’m really glad that they enjoyed it, and because we had limited time some of them said that it was “Bitin” . We had games and drank the night away, it was damn awesome!

2. Hello Quezon

For the first time, I had set my foot and got acquainted with the province down south that I find really mysterious. It is because I really haven’t heard much about it, so I always kept on thinking how does it look like down in Quezon. This year, my question had been answered.

3. Bantayan

Another getaway with my two best friends, of course it was freaking fun all the time!

4. Batanes

A dream come true. Though this trip was the first one I had this year on February, this actually is the toughest on to write about. It is difficult to verbalize what I saw in Batanes, and the problem is that I feel that my photos do not measure up to the experience. That is how beautiful Batanes is.


5. Hong Kong

The best travel ever this year! Surprised Dad with a trip to Hong Kong!!!!! Need I say more? This trip was beyond epic! hehehe!


I don’t even know if I can ever top this year with the next, looking back this year totally rocked! How about you how was your year in travel? Did you go for Quality or Quantity this year? Or both?

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