Taiwan: The Beutiful District of Beitou

A few minutes away from Taipei via the metro, Beitou lies on the hilly side of of the north western part of Taipei. The district is a charming part of this beautiful city and I’d say one of the best places to go if you wanna have some relaxation time on your short trip in Taipei.

It’s budget friendly although it’s a resort district as it has your typical fast food restaurants but I’d recommend to try out the small shops lining the arcade of the eastern side of the district –where I got lost lol!

As for accommodations you can check out online booking sites that offer really good rates and information about hotels there. I wish I could tell you more about this but if you are to ask me, as a backpacker, I’d rather stay in Taipei the center of this bustling megalopolis where I could easily take the Taipei Main Station and be somewhere else!

The main attraction on this district are the hot springs and Thermal Valley (some refer as Hell Valley). The oldest hot spring bath house in Taipei can still be found here, but you’d have to be naked here. If you are uncomfortable with your own skin you can try the public hot springs pool that can be found just across the street

My favorite spot (second to Lung Nai Tang) which is a perfect spot to hangout, if you don’t want to soak your entire body, is the area where you can wet your feet on to Beitou’s relaxing hot spring all for FREE! I my self spent an hour or more just enjoying the warm feeling on my feet after walking this hilly side of Taipei that afternoon before I visited their Cultural Center.

Definitely I’ll be back, I already am missing Beitou.


How to get there

Best way to get to Beitou is through the Tiapei Metro. Just get on it change trains at the Beitou station to the colorful trains going to XinBeitou and that is it!


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