I rarely never go on birthday trips, so when I decided to go on one I made sure that it’s going to be a good one. So I booked my self a ticket to my favorite city (out of my country) Taipei and thought that I should give my self a treat and get good accommodation.

After sooo much research on where to stay with the kind of budget that I have I was able to find the best deal I could. The hostel was tucked right off Zhongxing Bridge near the Danshui river. It was the right amount of accessibility and peacefulness, this is the Meander Taipei Hostel.

I arrived at the hostel a bit two early for check in and it was a full house. So one of the staff -Wendy gave me a nice tour of the hostel and some more information on what to do around the hostel.





Since my bed was still being made I opted to see some sights first and come back later that day.

When I got back, I was lead to my bed by another staff at the upper floors. I was assigned to a four-bed-room along with other backpackers. The room smelled clean and warm which was so comforting against the cold Taipei weather. Each bed is furnished with comforters and linens that will just make you want to stay in bed all day!

The beds in the dorm room offers some privacy with their capsule like enclosures and curtains. The dorm room also has its own shower and toilet that are immaculately clean. This is somewhat a super special detail if you ask backpackers as we are used to shared baths outside of our rooms. The best part of this is that there’s no shortage of hot water when you shower while the water pressure is just awesome.





Aside from dorm rooms Meander Taipei also has private rooms that you can book if you are not that accustomed to sleeping in dorms. They have amazing amenities for each room with personally appointed furnishings.

I love how Meander Taipei is located. It is perfectly positioned at the end of the Chengdu road, a few blocks away from the Ximen Station. I like its location because it is not far from the main hustle and bustle of the Ximen District yet offers a quick retreat when you need some peace and quiet.

Mornings are also hassle free as you will wake up to a continental breakfast buffet where you can get some coffee, tea or hot choco at the counter. Fruits are also served while Porridge is readily available for those who are seeking for a nice warm soup dish.






If you have nothing to do outside or just too lazy to go out (like me most of the time) Meander Taipei has a great common area where you can hang out or actually work if you have a remote job. They have huge communal tables that are near power sockets if you need to plug in you dying laptop or tablet. WiFi connection everywhere in the hostel is also superb that I could just upload a VLog on Youtube at a fraction of the time I would normally spend in the Philippines.

The price of Meander hostel is slightly higher than many of the hostels in the Ximen district, but I think is quite reasonable. You can only expect top notch quality rooms from the hostel that are all sound proof! If you are looking for something special yet still affordable and reasonable at the same time, I can assure you that Meander Taipei hostel can definitely fit the bill.

Meander Taipei Hostel
108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Taipei, Republic of China.
+886 2 2383 1334
You can book them through or

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