Throwback 2017

February is over, yet here I am trying to write this post. A year-end-summary-post of some kind. Tradition, can’t break it. Albeit, late for 2017. Looking back at my year I think I did pretty well for some jobless dude.

I started 2017 thinking that I’ll be staying home more trying to come up with some great idea that will make me rich… errr more like survive the year without getting a job. Ha! It turns out the opposite though, I actually dove deeper into travel!

My travel year started by crossing out one of my bucket list items; The Sinulog. I remember almost not going on this trip. I only had a one way ticket to the Island.

January –  Sinulog Festival /Bambanti Festival

The festival that I’ve been dreaming of seeing finally has been crossed out of my list. Albeit, I really didn’t see the festival proper, but that just gives me a reason to see it again.

February – Liwliwa

March – Taiwan

The trip that I was most excited about last year, my return to Taiwan. My favorite country in the world! This trip had one purpose, to experience the hot springs tucked in the hills of Beitou. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

March – La Union

.Not really my trip but my friend invited me to join her and just loosen up a bit from work (as if I had one lol)

April – Sagada

Another invite. My friend Diane’s uncle came to Manila for vacation and wanted to visit the mountains. So Diane tagged me along to re-experience the caves of Sagada. Not so much to talk about this trip really hahaha!

June – Quiapo Photowalk/ Tabaco Festival

On a rare chance my schedule actually worked for one of my friend’s invite


July – Boracay

I bought a ticket for about 200 pesos two way on a seat sale to this island paradise. What sucks though on this trip is that it was raining the entire time I was there! Good thing I had great accommodations at Sinagpa Backpackers and W Hostel so I still had a great time!

August- Taal Vista

You know how important a good hotel is? Well Taal Vista proved it to me. There was a hurricane when I visited the property but there was so much to do to keep me entertained in the Hotel that it didn’t matter if I couldn’t go out. Thankfully on my last day the Sun showed it self and I enjoyed the pool!

November – Guam

I am a sucker for seat sales and yes I booked this on one. I’ve always wanted to see this Island and see how American it is… well… I’ve got a whole post coming up about this but just give you a hint, its full of drama! Haahaha…. watch out for it!

Well I guess that rounds up my 2017. I am just glad that I managed to survive and even travel that entire year from what I got from my benefits from my previous job. It was an eventful and exciting year indeed, I hope I can still pull it off this year!

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