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Belize has Mexico towards its northern borders and Guatemala towards the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east side. Although overshadowed by its better-known neighbors, Belize is still able to hold on its own and shine on the map of tourism because of its untouched jungles and pristine beaches, and not to miss, the rich culinary scene. The small but diverse country reflects its amalgamation of ethnicities in the Belizean kitchen. Here, one can savor dishes from all over the world that have been reinterpreted the local way. Explore Belize, not just for its spectacular views and incredible adventures but also for the new taste sensations that arise from the melting pot of different cuisines! All you need to do is book yourself a Belize overwater bungalow with great views, impeccable services and get ready for an extraordinary journey.

Belize is well famous as a Foodie’s paradise because of the abundance of different mouth-watering cuisines that are sure to keep you salivating and come back for more! Here are some of the most popular dishes that are a must-have while in Belize.

Belizean ceviche
Ceviche is found all over South America, Central America, and Mexico. However, there is something different about Belizean ceviche that is made from raw conch and shrimp. Typical ceviches are heavily fish based and are sweeter.

Pupusas can be easily bought from street vendors and are simple, crisp and saucy. The stuffed corn pancakes were brought by refugees from El Salvador, and today it is a very popular snack. Enjoy homemade hot sauce and coleslaw with your Pupusas. It is no wonder to see pupusas become a hot favorite and the delicious little-stuffed corn pancakes can be had any time of the day. The best part is that they come in many different fillings and flavors such as spinach, mushroom, pumpkin, banana, seafood and more.

Don’t miss out on this unofficial national dish that is black. The color is because of the broad mix of spices such as the dried red pepper of Yucatan, that is roasted till it is black. The roasted pepper is then grounded with garlic, cumin, and oregano and made into a paste. This is a chief course soup that is made with chicken, lots of veggies and hot spices.

The roots of the exotic chicken soup, Escabeche can be traced back to Yucatec Maya and Spanish cuisine. Lightly broiled and seasoned with oregano and thyme, the chicken is served in a light and clear soup which is seasoned with onions, allspice, black pepper and Jalapeno pepper. The soup base is made of white sugar cane vinegar and chicken stock and is served hot with corn tortillas.

Conch Fritters
Conch fritters are counted amongst the most popular appetizers in the country. It is hard to resist the intriguing mix of chopped conch meat, flour batter, and a spicy dipping sauce. Conch fritters can be easily found in the restaurant menus in the country. As Belize lies in the beautiful Caribbean, it is no surprise to see some excellent seafood, and deep-fried conch fritters are a great hit among the locals and the tourists.

Cochinita Pibil
Cochinita Pibil a traditional dish from the Yucatec-Maya origin and the roasted pork dish is called as Pibil Pork in Spanish. The meat is marinated in an acidic orange juice with annatto seed paste, allspice, garlic, and onion. The meat, wrapped in plantain leaf is kept inside a roasting pan inside a clay oven with firewood. It is smoked and slow cooked for hours until the meat gets succulent and tender.



Rice and beans
Belize Rice and Bea dish is simply delicious and should not be missed. It is cooked in coconut milk and with a wide range and choice of meat such as lobster, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef or game meat. The meat is cooked with recado and garlic and can be fried, stewed or grilled. When cooked, the meat is placed unto the rice and beans and with the meat or chicken gravy. It is a sinfully delicious dish that is fast turning into something like the national dish.

Belizean tamales
Also known as bollos, tamales are a traditional Maya and Mestizo food. Belizean tamales are different from the Mexican tamale as they are wrapped in plantain leaves in place of corn husks. The seasoned chicken or pork is wrapped in soft corn dough and then steamed in plantain or banana leaves.



Belizean Desserts
Local Belizean deserts are many, but the top choice is Soursop ice cream. The sweet and tart Soursop fruit is a leading anti-oxidant and very healthy. It is widely available in Belize and enjoyed with condensed milk and chilled. Another favorite dessert Cassava which is also very nutritious. Craboo is also known as nanche is an ice cream which is made from the different fruits that grow all over the countryside.

Belize Fruit Cake
This is a traditional Belizean rum cake and is baked with preserved fruits and is popularly served during holidays. There is a generous dose of dark local or Caribbean rum in the Belize fruit cake which has a moist inside and a thin brown crust outside. One can enjoy the cake with a soft drink, lemonade or even with a glass of locally made wine. Black Fruit Cake is made with caramel coloring, while the White Fruit Cake is without the caramel. Belize Fruit Cake is a must during the Christmas.



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