Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 國立國父紀念館

Armed with a map that I printed out from google maps I navigated the streets of Taipei  bravely on my own trying to look for something interesting.

Realizing my location I quickly looked at my map and traced how far I was from an item in my itinerary, the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

The memorial was built in honor of Sun Yat-Sen regarded as one of the founding father of Taiwan. It houses a couple of museums and an exhibition hall.

As soon as you enter the main hall of the building you will be seeing an enormous bronze statue of the late Sun Yat-Sen guarded by honor guards that changes every hour.

The main hall was so majestic rightfully fitting for a person that help realize what Taiwan it is right now, it is adorned with ultra high ceilings with huge chandeliers supported by enormous red pillars

You can find at least three exhibition or museum hall in the building, the first one that I went to was the exhibition hall about the life of Sun Yat-Sen. This particular hall showcases some memorabilia by the late doctor while narrating how the doctor helped found Taiwan.

There’s two other halls that I went and they exhibit both contemporary and traditional Chinese art. The items on display are quite diverse and are very interesting, at least for someone like me.

If you come around 4:30 in the afternoon you can catch the “Retirement of Honor Guards” but if you are in earlier the guards also changes every hour in full exercise.

It actually feels good to just hang outside watching people pass by and some students practice their stuff, the day was perfect it was not too cold and not hot at all, just perfect!

How To Get TO Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Take the MRT and Get off at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station, walk along Guangfu South Rd. going south for about 220 meters until you see the gate of the Memorial Hall.

See Map Here

See My 2nd Day Itinerary Map Here

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